STEAR Workshop Fees

Cost: $250 per person

Program Description: This 4-week process will take you on a transformational journey of self-exploration and help you S.T.E.A.R. your life into flow.

"Realign Your Sacred Path and Transform Your Life!"

Topics discussed include:

  • 4 Noble Truths

  • 5 Spiritual Longings

  • 6-Fold Path to Transformation

  • Mindfulness – Non-judgmental Receptivity

  • Grounding Through Meditation Practices

  • Self-exploration and Group Sharing

Program Structure: The S.T.E.A.R. workshop incorporates principles and practices of mindfulness and meditation that evolve over 4 weeks along a 6-fold path of transformation. The content and activities encompass self-reflection and self-exploration through individual writing activities, experiential learning, and interactive group discussions. 

Homework: Participants will also complete homework activities that include self-reflective questions, which create meaningful opportunities to engage in self-growth and personal transformation..


Cancellation Policy

M& P Psychotherapy & Consulting Services reserves the right to cancel or postpone workshops due to pandemics, under-enrollment, instructor illness, or inclement weather. We will only provide a refund if a workshop is cancelled by M & P Psychotherapy & Consulting Services and no refunds provided otherwise. 

If your plans change after you have registered and paid for the workshop, you may:

  1. Designate a substitute to attend in your place, at no extra cost. Please provide us with the name, email, and phone number of the person that will be attending in your place 48 hours prior to the workshop date for which you registered. This will allow us to correct our records and minimize confusion at check-in.

  2. Transfer to another workshop if you notify us by fax or email 48 hours prior to the workshop date for which you have registered. We will not consider requests to transfer less than 2 business days prior to the workshop date.

  3. If you fail to attend your scheduled workshop without required notification, as outlined above, your fee will be forfeited.

Please Note: Punctuality is very important so that our facilitators begin workshops on time. Facilitators are free to close admittance to workshops 30 minutes after starting. Late arrivals may not be admitted into the session.

If you have any questions about registration or payment, please contact Maria or Paula at

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